Monday, August 27, 2007

day +6

I watched the rest of the first disc of the first season of Entourage the night before but late last night, I watched Big Fish on DVD. For most of Big Fish, I felt ambivalent about how I liked it, but in its ending where the son carries his father towards the river to the celebration and cheer of family and friends before his metamorphosis into the Big Fish I found to be very heartfelt and moving. Though I found most of the film to be a strange mix, the ending I feel was done beautifully.

Dr. Koehne said all continues to look good. My WBC remained at 0.2. My HGB ws 12.1 and my platelets dropped to 21. 20 or below and a platelet transfusion is necessary, so it's possible I may receive one tomorrow if my numbers go down any further. I received my very last dosage of the immunosuppressive drug, Methotrexate, today and am scheduled to start the GCSF tomorrow evening.

I asked Dr. Koehne about the period for engraftment and he replied 10-18 days. Kathy, my day nurse, told me it takes the donor cells just one hour to find their way to the bone marrow following the transplant. That's amazing, isn't it. It's just like how sperm find their way to the egg. Wondering if I would lose any hair from the chemo cocktail that I received, I asked the resident, Dr. Get, who said I would. He also said that since I hadn't developed any mouth irritations yet with my counts being at their lowest, it's doubtful any irritations would develop since my counts will begin to rise soon.

Dr. Levine and his assistant came by late this afternoon to get a read on my psychological health. He was pleased to learn that I was doing so well and wasn't in need of anything at the moment. Denise came by this evening and plans to return again at some point tomorrow.

Finally, I was both surprised and humbled to receive an e-mail from Sean Swarner himself today. He informed me that someone, who had told him about how inspiring I had found his remarkable achievements, had sent him a link to my blog. I am blown away. It's quite amazing. My blog has been receiving a lot more hits than normal since my admittance and it's clear that many people from all over have been following my progress. It's humbling and heartfelt how so many people have stumbled upon my blog and are interested in the story that I am sharing.


Comment Blogger Darrel Hale said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well and that you are in good spirits. Keep up the good fight!

Your Brother in Arms

12:07 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Darrel. Much appreciated.


9:27 AM  
Comment Blogger Jeff H said...

Hey Duane,

Just checking in on you, you left a post on my blog a few months back. I'm pretty sure I was in the same room as are at MSK. I remember the view of the adjacent buildings, although I was there in February, so it was significantly less green! Glad to hear the transplant went O.K. and your spirits are up!! Keep watching Entourage, thats good stuff!


8:02 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for commenting. It's much appreciated.

Isn't the room at MSKCC pretty sweet? The view is nice.

I'll continue to watch Entourage.

Wishing you continued strength with your recovery,

9:23 PM  

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