Sunday, August 26, 2007

day +5

Today was another smooth day. My WBC dropped just a blip to 0.2 today. My HGB rose slightly to 12.0, but these numbers can fluctuate, and my platelets remained at 30. I continue to receive the immunosuppressive drug, Tacrolimus, around the clock (via my catheter) and I took the other immunosuppressive drug, Sirolimus, (orally) in the morning before breakfast. These drugs are aimed to suppress my own immune system, so that my donor's cells can engraft and the new immune system can start to grow. I think it will take about 14 days for my donor's cells to begin engrafting in my bone marrow, but I will try to confirm this with the attending physician tomorrow morning. I'm also receiving a continued slew of antibiotics to prevent infections.

Dr. Barker said the start of the GCSF (Neupogen) injections will begin on Tuesday most likely. They're aimed to aid the rise of my WBC.

I watched The Chris Matthews Show and Meet the Press, parts of my usual Sunday morning cocktail of TV programs. On Meet the Press, Lance Armstrong talked about his continued effort to gain greater awareness to the fight against cancer and his 2008 Livestrong Presidential Forum in Iowa tomorrow and Tuesday. Watch Tim Russert's interview of Lance Armstrong as well as the rest of the broadcast (which focused on Iraq) here.

Liz, whom I hadn't seen in about a year, visited in the early afternoon. She informed me about the opportunity for free kayaking at various points along the Hudson. I told her how much I enjoyed my first kayaking experience in Blue Mountain Lake last month. I'm glad she told me about this. Now I know that there are places here in the city for free rental of kayaks. Again, something else to look forward to doing. My dad spent some of the evening with me. He brought some more clean clothes and mail from family and friends. We watched most of Growing Up Diana on CNN.

For the past few days, I've been thinking about the taste of fried calamari. A couple of days before being admitted Su and I went to a restaurant called the Asian Pub near Cooper Union, which my sister, Denise, had recommended for its tasty and large servings of fried calamari. With my sense of taste messed up from the treatment, I've thought about certain foods wondering if they'd bring some relief to my ruined taste buds. Of course, being neutropenic I can't have fried calamari or any food for that matter from a restaurant but I just wondered if it would taste as great as I remember it. Shake 'N Bake chicken is one of the other foods that I've thought about as well. My mom plans to have the chicken ready for Tuesday.


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