Saturday, August 18, 2007

day -3

It looks like I won't be heading to the ICU, because there are no vacant rooms for the moment. Therefore, they plan to transfer me to telemetry on the 12th floor for monitoring.

Today I start tacrolimus and sirolimus, which are two immunosuppressive drugs aimed at reducing GVHD. At this very moment, I'm receiving my fourth day of fludarabine and later on today, I'll be receive ATG for the first time. I was told that ATG is infused over 6-8 hours.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Is ICU normal protocol or are you having difficult side-effects?

LOVE the pictures of you Duane, your positivity and strength are awe-inspiring.........xx

2:49 PM  
Comment Anonymous Emily said...

Lots of love to you and Su! Stay strong - you really are amazing.

FYI, I'm doing the "Light the Night Walk", here in Albany in October in your honor.

5:38 PM  
Comment Blogger Sanbandit said...

Lots of good thoughts for success with the heavy chemo and the transplant!!
Good vibes and thoughts for you!

5:46 PM  
Comment Blogger Jon said...

Good luck man

9:23 PM  
Comment Anonymous Sarah said...

Keep fighting the good fight!

9:16 AM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend, I will be thinking of you on Tuesday, Day 0.

You are loved by many.

Sending you virtual hugs and kisses,

ps: I love the photos you've been posting.

9:52 PM  
Comment Anonymous Emily said...

Hey man.

When you are blogging again, if you're willing, please post this link:

on your blog, its for the "Light the Night Walk" on Oct. 12th. I hope treatment is going well and that you and Su are well.


10:38 AM  
Comment Blogger Mary Jane Steele said...

Love the pictures. You are such an inspiration. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

3:56 PM  
Comment Blogger Raul said...

Hey man -

All of my thoughts are with you...


4:07 PM  
Comment Blogger Sarah said...

I'm thinking of you, Duane. Good luck on Day 0.


9:44 PM  

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