Thursday, August 23, 2007

day +2

I had the best sleep in nights despite the periodic bathroom visits. I woke up somewhat refreshed and have felt relatively good all day. The prickly, sunburned feeling in my feet didn't interfere with my sleep last night, which is partly why I think I was able to sleep relatively comfortably. But my feet continue to be very sensitive to deep pressure or warm water.

Although my schedule identified today as the start of TPN, the nutritionist informed me today that they'll start it tomorrow. Since I'm eating well and as she put - "am not scrawny" - the exact start of the TPN wasn't so important, but it will be given just to insure that I receive all the necessary nutrients that my body needs. TPN will not prevent me from having normal meals. I am encouraged to eat while also receiving TPN, which the nutritionist would be stopped when the need is no longer necessary.

My dad was here in the morning for the transplant team's morning visit. Dr. Koehne commented on how much he liked my desktop's wallpaper. It's a photo I took of Wacker and Michigan Avenue while in Chicago. In fact, several members of the medical staff have commented about it. With regards to my transplant and status, he said everything is looking good.

Clare stopped by and spend some quality time. Judy visited, but it was shortened by Dr. Levine's assistant who came by to check on my psychological status. And then, Cornell visited and spent awhile during which we shared some livened conversation.

Trying to maintain some form of daily exercise, I used the pedal exerciser for at least 20 minutes this afternoon.

Today's counts: WBC 2.1, HGB 11.6, platelets 30


Comment Blogger Adrienne said...

Hey Duane,

Sounds like you're doing great. Adrienne and I want to stop by in the next few days for a visit if you're up to it. Let us know.

Hugs, Alison

9:28 PM  
Comment Anonymous Sarah said...

To reiterate briefly: you rock. That is all. ;)

~Sarah formerly up the street

9:44 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Duane! We're so glad you are doing well! It's such a great idea to document everything! I love all of the pictures. We'll pray that everything continues to go well for you! Mike and April Reed

12:35 AM  

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