Friday, August 31, 2007

day +10

Su and I watched an episode of 24 before going to bed late last night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sleep comfortably without some pain relief due to the bone pain I was feeling in my hip and lower back from the neupogen shot that afternoon. I was already tired following 24, so the two pills of oxycodone that I received made me even sleepier and it wasn't long before I was sound asleep.

She left in the morning for Brooklyn before the transplant team's arrival. Dr. Katherine Hsu, who replaced Dr. Koehne as attending physician, came in my room just as I was throwing up my breakfast after having just felt nauseous slightly. She assured me that that was normal and it didn't affect her overall assessment that I continue to do well. I'm doing so well, she said, that one of the antibiotics had been removed and another one was to be removed as well. Moreover, if things continue on this trajectory, I might be discharged next week. Today my WBC rose to 3.7, but my HGB and platelets fell to 11.1 and 48 respectively. Since my ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is above 2, I didn't receive neupogen again this afternoon and it's unlikely I'll receive it as my counts continue to rise.

Today has been a very sluggish day. I've been in and out of bed due to the oxycodone that I received in the late morning for the bone pain. I threw up again around 4 when I had a late lunch. I ordered chicken noodle soup for dinner along with tea. I figure something light is best considering my weak stomach today.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Duane! I know how badly those bones hurt after Neupogen shots! :) Julie in Indiana

9:46 PM  
Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Wow - possible discharge next week? You seriously are a SCT stud! You're making fantastic progress, here's hoping it continues..........xx

3:31 AM  

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