Wednesday, August 22, 2007

day +1

During most of today, I was in a sleepy haze. I spent the greater half of the day in bed. I threw up twice in the morning and then, again most recently tonight. I continue to have that prickly, sunburned feeling on my feet.

My dad was here for the transplant team's morning visit. Dr. Koehne said the transplant went well and that they'd prepare me for TPN possibly tomorrow.

I was given my first dose of the immunosuppressive drug, Methotrexate.

My mom, Denise, and Clare all stopped by. Su is here now and will spend the night.

Today's counts: WBC 3.0, HGB 12.0, platelets 30


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the chills from seeing your updates blog and photos and getting to see what has gone on during this phase.
Thank you for allowing all of us who love you a view of what you have been enduring.
My thoughts are with you and I know how hard this has been and you have been a wonderment. I am so proud of you.
love and good thoughts,

8:02 AM  
Comment Blogger Heather Z said...


Your pictures brought back memories of my transplant and I must say I like forgetting! Stay strong so you can hurry up and get out that hospital. This will all be a distant (or like me "blocked") memory soon.

Heather Z.

10:21 AM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...


I absolutley agree with your friend's comments (EFG). Thank you for allowing us this window into what is, without question, a very difficult and private situation.

I'm so proud of you.


2:51 PM  

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