Tuesday, August 21, 2007

day 0

Saturday and Sunday, days -3 and -2 respectively, were challenging at moments, but thankfully there were no issues regarding my WPW and the ATG except for a quicker pulse rate at times.

Today was my transplant day, August 21st. I guess that makes me a Leo now. Below are photos from the transplant.

I had great difficulty sleeping the night before my transplant not only due to the repeated bathroom visits, but also because of an intense prickly, sunburned feeling that covered my legs and feet. It's quite irritable. Thankfully, it's limited to my feet now but it continues to be a problem.

At about 3:30PM, my wonderful nurse, Pam, entered my room in order to prepare for the transplant and to premedicate me. I was given Benadryl, tyleneol, and ativan. At 4, Dr. Guenther Koehne and a small team of individuals walked in with the thawed donor's stem cells. Using three large syringes to infuse the donor's cells into my catether, the transplant wasn't longer than about 30 minutes (not including prep time). Each infusion took about 7-8 minutes long.

During the procedure, I was quite tense and at times uncomfortable. The infused stem cells were cold having just been thawed so I shock a lot during the transplant. Immediately after the transplant concluded, I headed straight to the bathroom to urinate and make a #2, which for about the past day has been complete diarrhea.

Soon afterwards, we were told that my new room was ready. The nursing staff had promised to place us in a bigger room when it became available. I was transferred to room 820, the fourth hospital room I've been in since my admittance one week ago. My new room is great. It's far more spacious. The bathroom is at least 3 times the size of those in the previous rooms. Here are some photos of room 820:

I received the TBI yesterday, day-1. In all, the radiation took no more than 30 minutes when the preparation is included into the mix. I was radiated for about 8 minutes to both the front and back sides of my body. The setup was quite simple. Light jazz was played to help pass the time. Though it's likely not related to the TBI, my eyes started to look blood red in the evening which I hope is revealed somewhat in this photo. Thankfully, the redness has cleared up.

Finally, my counts for today: WBC 2.2, HGB 12.3, platelets 28. When I arrived here one week ago now, they were: WBC 5, HGB 14.1, platelets 196. In about 2-3 days, my WBC will hit zero. Stay tuned!


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You are amazing. Rock on.

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