Monday, August 13, 2007


I went to Sloan-Kettering in the late afternoon in order to pick up a necessary letter from Dr. Castro-Malaspina for my SSD application. What I thought was going to be a quick visit turned into a visit of a few hours. More blood was taken for the HIV and STD tests as part of the necessary pre-transplant screening, because the samples that were taken a month earlier were now too old. Had I been admitted as planned those earlier tests would have been just fine, but I learned that there's a law which mandates a new HIV/STD be given after 30 days if the patient has not been admitted to the hospital. Ally changed the dressing of my catheter too.

Dr. Castro-Malaspina informed me the donor had passed his physical exam and was scheduled to make his collection on Thursday, 8/9. Consequently, Tuesday, 8/14 was my scheduled admittance date. He told me that he'd be going on vacation beginning Friday, but that Dr. Juliet Barker would be covering for him. He'll be back around the 14th of September.

He scheduled me to see a cardiologist at Sloan for my WPW (Wolf-Parkinson-White) before being admitted and one more PET scan just to make sure my disease hadn't returned since my last scan one month ago.

From Sloan, I headed downtown to the Film Forum on West Houston where I watched the documentary, No End in Sight. There isn't much new here in terms of what we already know about the well-documented failures of the Bush administration's strategy to occupy Baghdad following its fall in 2003. However, what makes the film so convincing and powerful are the interviews of the various people who had such important roles in the coalition's occupation. Specialists, bureaucrats, and military personnel, who were all active participants in the implementation of the administration's Iraq policy, talk about the short-sided vision of the administration's post-war strategy. Basically, the documentary is an indictment of the administration for its poorly planned and mismanaged occupation of Iraq by those who worked intimately with the tentacles of the administration. Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, and Cheney declined to be interviewed for the film.


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