Thursday, July 26, 2007

where i've been

Unfortunately for two weeks I haven't had the time really to blog like usual. My schedule has been full of medical appointments, insurance matters, and the necessary paperwork, and then, most recently Su and I escaped for a couple of days to the Adirondacks. Consequently, several days passed without a post and then, when I found time to blog it was brief, which is why I made those very brief posts about Sean Swarner, some interesting news stories, and the television series, "The Universe." I had hoped to update everyone on where I stand medically yesterday as well as share some information about some of the cool things that I have done recently, but there weren't enough hours in the day. I spent most of yesterday much like the day before writing letters to family and friends informing them of my expected admission to Sloan-Kettering tomorrow and encouraging them to register as potential donors in the NMDP.

Now that I have time to blog finally, please read further for an update in the following posts.


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