Friday, July 27, 2007


At a little before 6 PM today, the Admitting Office at Sloan-Kettering called informing me that the order had been given for me to be admitted tomorrow morning at 9 AM. I, of course, was surprised with disbelieve by the call considering that yesterday everything had been halted. Perplexed, I asked the Admitting agent if this was right and he said yes. So, I thought I was about to go in tomorrow morning and so I began to prepare. I had spent most of the day finishing the last batch of letters that needed to be sent out, but after this news I had to quicken my pace as I hadn't finished the couple of insurance matters that remained nor had I started to pack.

After speaking to Clare soon afterwards, I called Sloan's message forwarding service wanting to speak to Dr. Castro-Malaspina in order to verify the call from the Admitting Office. "Was this actually happening?" I wondered. Will I really be admitted tomorrow? It was after normal business hours. The message office connected me to the hospital's attending physician, Dr. Aurora, who after listening to my inquiry told me that he'd e-mail Dr. Castro-Malaspina for verification. He did say, however, that calls from the Admitting Office are right generally because the orders must be approved by the doctor.

At around 8 PM, Dr. Aurora called backed telling me that he had gotten in contact with Dr. Castro-Malaspina, who told him that the Admitting Office was wrong. I was not scheduled to be admitted tomorrow.

What a seesaw! After learning that I was going to be admitted tomorrow, I started to pick up the pace trying to assort my affairs but now that I won't be admitted I can take a break at least for the moment. My mom advised me to start packing this weekend anyway, because Sloan may call again without much warning. I think that's a good idea.


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