Thursday, July 26, 2007


As of this morning, I hadn't heard from Sloan about admission. After speaking to Clare about the matter later this morning, I called Margaret, Dr. Castro-Malaspina's secretary, who told me that my inquiry would be passed along. In the early afternoon, I heard from Sinda, the unrelated donor coordinator, who gave me the scoop. Basically, due to a scheduling conflict the donor is unable to be prepared for stem cell collection at this moment, which is why I won't be admitted tomorrow. Consequently, I simply must wait until he is ready. First, he must take a physical exam, which I was told would be very quick due to time, and then he will receive the GSF injections necessary for collection. Once the stem collection is about to be initiated, I'll be notified when I will be scheduled to be admitted.

We were fearing that the donor is no longer willing to donate, but according to Sinda it seems like it's an issue of the donor's own schedule. For whatever reason, he can't do it now. Whether this is a postponement of a few days or longer, she was not able to tell me. She doesn't know. She assured me that Sloan is doing its best to move the process ahead. The NMDP is the middle man in all of this. Sloan communicates with the NMDP, which is in contact with the donor and the local medical center or hospital where the donor's cells will be harvested. Sloan and I, therefore, are in the same position. We're both waiting (and depending) on the donor.

I was told that it's not necessary for me to see Dr. Castro-Malaspina on Monday, since there's no news. I plan to wait until Wednesday before I call his office again for an update.

Since returning from the Adirondacks on Monday, I had been rushing to get a variety of last minute matters settled before my scheduled admission tomorrow. I have been very busy sending letters to friends and family updating them on my expected transplant, dealing with vexing insurance matters, and going from appointment to appointment. Consequently, I had almost no time to blog. From today's posts, it's clear I had a lot to share and it has taken me most of this afternoon and all evening to compose them. At least now, I have the weekend in which I can spread out some of these last minute tasks and perhaps have some time to relax.


Comment Anonymous Emily said...

Hi Duane.

You're in our prayers! I can't tell you how much I hope this procedure keeps you with us for a lot longer. You are one of the bravest, most hopeful people I have ever met and I love that you and my sister have each other. I posted about your latest news and your encouragement to other people to become potential donors to my lj, along with links to your many latest posts (which I won't have time to read all of until later). The photo of you and Su at the "Stupid Cancer Happy Hour" is so sweet! Its my destop background photo at work.

Love you, and take care.


8:28 AM  

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