Monday, July 30, 2007

this weekend

This weekend wasn't very eventful. I stayed in all of Saturday dealing with insurance matters. I have been working to produce the documentation necessary for Medicaid to update its records. I also am preparing to apply for both Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for which there are so many forms. I can become very irritated and ill-tempered when I have to sit down and deal with this. Part of my frustration is because I feel like I should be doing something better and more enjoyable with my time. Especially when I'm about to go into the hospital, I feel like more time should be spent doing things that are enjoyable than dealing with such vexing matters. It's stressful for my mom as well who has been helping me with the applications.

I did manage to have brunch with Tony, a friend and former colleague at BSF, at Sette Panni Cafe in Harlem. He's doing very well. I met his adorable daughter named Breeze, who is one week shy of her second birthday.

Since uploading all the pictures from our Adirondacks trip, last night I thought I'd also add those from my stay in Chicago (a sample of which you see above) during this past academic year. I might as well get the full use of my Flickr account. Consequently, I made a Chicago collection in addition to the Adirondacks and Watson Fellowship ones that exist. I haven't labeled any of the pictures yet because it will take so long to complete. The important thing is that they have been uploaded. Labeling will have to wait for when I have a lot more time. In fact, that might be a great activity to do while in the hospital. Just click here to see all the pictures.


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