Saturday, July 07, 2007

seeing art and a musical

Late this afternoon I made it to the Brooklyn Museum, where I went to the exhibition, Kindred Spirits: Asher B. Durand and the American Landscape before meeting up with Su (who returned today from Saratoga Springs, where she spent five days with her family) at Borough Hall from where we rode the subway together to West 37th Street where we saw the musical, In the Heights, with Barbra.

Here are some of the lovely paintings by Durand that are in the exhibition:

His paintings are so captivating. One feels like they are actually in the scene depicted. At least that's how I felt in the gallery many times today. The works from the New Greek and Roman Galleries as well as those in "Venice and the Islamic World, 828-1797" were also lovely and impressive. Even the artifacts of prehistoric art that I saw in the Hall of Human Origins at the AMNH are exquisite in their beauty and sensitivity. I remember standing in the gallery looking at the prehistoric statuary and drawings humbled. It's evident to me that man has always been blessed with a creative hand from which he has been able to produce works of such beauty and power that one stands in awe mesmerized and in admiration proud to be human. I don't think people today are more creative or talented than those who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago. It's just that we are more knowledgeable and have better technology, but that same universal ability to create and manipulate with the human hand remains and transcends time.


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