Wednesday, July 04, 2007

revisiting the twilight zone

I forgot that the 4th of July like New Year's Day is commonly when the Sci-Fi Channel hosts its bi-annual Twilight Zone marathon. Several years ago, the local TV station WPIX-Channel 11 also hosted its own Twilight Zone marathon, but I don't think it does so any more. I could be wrong, however. Anyway, so when I saw the episodes playing all day today on the Sci-Fi Channel, I was reminded of the many times during my childhood when I stayed glued to the television all day and all night watching and recording the many episodes of Rod Serling's brilliant 1960s series into the early morning hours. In fact, due to all those years of watching the marathons, I have just about every episode from the five-year long television series on tape. Though I don't watch it as much as I used to, The Twilight Zone has remained one of my favorite television series of all-time. I'm a huge fan.


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