Tuesday, July 31, 2007

no springboard here

Tomorrow I plan to call Sinda and Dr. Castro-Malaspina's office in order to see if there's any news about the donor. I'm wary about allowing this postponement to continue for more than a week out of concern that the cancer may start to come back. In Chicago, Dr. van Besien thought I shouldn't go for more than 4-6 weeks without treatment. Saturday made 7 weeks since my last treatment. I know Dr. Castro-Malaspina is thinking about this as well, which is why I want to know what's the status of the donor. Of course, there's probably no way of calculating precisely how soon it might return but it is believed that with someone with aggressive Hodgkin's Disease like myself, the cancer will return quicker each time after it has been pushed back into remission.

Knowing this, I don't want to lose ground like the Soviet Union did in the summer of 1941 to an emboldened and remorseless enemy, the Wehrmacht. I want to stand my ground. I want to prevent Hodgkin's from receiving any advantage from which it can regroup, make a springboard, and attack again.


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