Friday, July 06, 2007

cbs evening news: bone marrow donation

It's on Cliff's Blog that I learned about Thursday's report on the CBS Evening News about bone marrow/stem cell donation: The Perfect Match: Bone Marrow Donation. Su told me about it as well. For some unknown reason I've been unable to view the web only video from the CBS Evening News website, but I was pleased to see my former transplant doctor, Dr. Michael Schuster of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, in the still image. Fortunately, however, I found the clip of the actual Evening News report on the website of the Bay Area local affiliate KPIX - Channel 5: Bone Marrow Donation Made Easier.

Speaking of Dr. Schuster, I received an invitation to the Eight Annual Transplant Alumni Luncheon Cruise, which I and Su attended for the first time last summer but if the mini-transplant takes place by late July or early August as expected, I'm almost positive I wouldn't be well-enough to attend.


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