Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ben picked up me early Saturday morning and we headed to Cape Cod, where we watched our Vassar friend and classmate, Dimitri, get married. His wife, Lizza, is a Vassar grad too. The wedding ceremony took place in Osterville, MA, which is nearby Martha's Vineyard, and the reception was in nearby Cummaquid. Saturday's ceremony, which was lovely, was held at a Methodist church, because Lizza is a Methodist and Sunday's ceremony was held at a Greek Orthodox church in Worcester since that's Dimitri's faith but Ben and I weren't able to attend the latter one. The trip from NYC to Osterville is about 5 hrs, which doesn't include rest stops and meals. Since we both had to prepare for Monday, we got up early Sunday and headed back to NYC.


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you look terrific all dressed up in your suit. WOW very "styling" as Nellie would say.
glad you had a good time!


7:46 AM  

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