Saturday, June 23, 2007

yankee stadium's last hurrah

I continue to unpack and go through the piles of mail. The weather is spectacular, but I decided to stay inside today due to my low WBC count. I really had wanted to go to the gym this morning and see a friend perform at the Laugh Factory tonight, but it's best I stay in, take it easy, and wait until I find out what my counts are like on Monday.

Last night I watched the Yankees-Giants game (as I have done again this afternoon) during which I learned that next year's All-Star game will take place at Yankee Stadium. This was my first time hearing this news though when I googled the topic, I found out that this was announced back in late January.

Sources: Yankee Stadium to Host '08 All-Star Game

2008 All-Star Game Would Be Fitting Send-Off for Historic Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium Likely to Host 2008 All-Star Game

It seems like the decision to make Yankee Stadium the host of the 2008 All-Star game was made to honor the Stadium and its storied history before it is replaced by a newer one in 2009. In fact, as I waited on the 161 St.-Yankee Stadium elevated subway platform, where I caught the train to Sloan-Kettering yesterday, I looked across the street through the fencing and saw the skeleton of the new stadium, which has been dumbed "The House that George (or the Boss) Built." When I was last home in March, the crews were still digging establishing the structure's foundation, but it's apparent that the construction crews are past that stage now. Large beams have been erected and the perimeter of the stadium's skeleton is quite obvious. I was pleasantly surprised by the development that has taken place during my absence.

I'd like to attend the 2008 All-Star game at "The House that Ruth Built."


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