Friday, June 15, 2007

wrigley field

We spent much of yesterday afternoon at Wrigley Field, where we watched the Cubs beat the Mariners 5-4. The weather was terrific. The stadium is lovely. And the fans were energetic and lively.

We returned to the Hancock building last night at about 10pm after dinner with Janet, but I didn't find the view as impressive as I did Tuesday afternoon.

My mouth irritations have worsened which is a sign that my WBC count is low. On my penis, there is a noticeable fungus which is another indication of the low counts. Only when my WBC count has been low following treatment have I noticed these side effects. For the past two nights, I have been using a Lipocaine mouthwash to numb the pain caused by the mouth irritations but greater relief will come when my WBC count rises during coming days.

This afternoon I will go to the hospital for a CT scan, the concluding scan for the study that I participated in here. Since the previous PET-CT scan revealed no evidence of disease, there shouldn't be any surprises from the one that I will take today.


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