Thursday, June 28, 2007

the world series of pop culture

Su and I were planning to visit the American Museum of Natural History this afternoon, but we stayed in instead and found ourselves watching a marathon of Vh1's World Series of Pop Culture which we found to be pleasantly addictive. Su, I must say, proved to be quite good at answering most of the questions asked. I, on the other hand, was able to answer a respectable number of questions or at least had an idea about what the answers to some might be, but unlike Su I'm definitely not of the material necessary to compete in a challenging game show like this one. The contestants are battle-hardened! Watching the show today, I think Su has the stuff to compete. I told her that she should try to assemble a respectable team and try out for the show's next audition.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG I saw that marathon too! I totally knew more answers to the questions than most of the contestants. Did you notice they have an online trivia site that's up now --

10:20 AM  

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