Monday, June 04, 2007

6/4 update

On Friday evening, I watched The Departed. I enjoyed it a lot. The cast of Hollywood superstars is great and the twists at the film's conclusion are riveting.

Su and I took an architectural boat tour of Chicago on Saturday afternoon. The trip was a 90 minute ride along the Chicago River. The notable architectural wonders of the city were pointed out and details of their history were explained to us. We were worried about the threat of rain on Saturday, but it held up. We were okay. I snapped well over 200 photographs on the boat tour. The lighting in many of the photographs is poor due to the cloudiness that day. Nevertheless, here are some of them.

Following the boat tour, we visited Navy Pier. Below are two photographs that she took around Navy Pier.

This afternoon I called Dr. Castro-Malaspina's office at Sloan and made an appointment for Monday, June 25th at 9:45am. I also spoke to Sinda, the unrelated donor coordinator. The blood samples of two potential unrelated donors are at Sloan's lab right now and the results should be available next week. Sloan also requested a blood sample from the potential 6/6 match, whom I mentioned in a past post. According to the registry, this individual will be available beginning this month. I was told to call back next week for more information about these possible donors.


Comment Anonymous Emily said...

I love the pics from your field trip. Stay healthy and I hope they find a viable donor soon! Love you and Su so much!

8:32 AM  

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