Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the touring continues

The touring of the Windy City continues. Yesterday afternoon Su and I went to the John Hancock Center, where the Hancock, the third tallest building in Chicago, offers fantastic views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area from its observatory deck. Though the Sears Tower is much taller, according to some sources the views from the Hancock are superior and the queues to the observatory deck are shorter.

From the Hancock building, we walked north through the wealthy Gold Coast into Lincoln Park, where I took these photographs.

We ended the evening at Second City, where we saw Between Barack and a Hard Place with my colleague, Derek and his wife, Eloise.

After the gym this morning, I had an appointment with my Byzantine professor, whom I had asked to review my thesis. Though he wasn't one of my thesis advisers, I respect his scholarship and knowledge a lot and thought it would be great to get his view on it. An important element of my paper focuses on Mamluk diplomacy with the Byzantines, so I was eager to get his feedback before I went ahead to convert it to a PDF. Some of the sources I used are dated, he said, but otherwise he thought it was fine.

Following the appointment, I headed to the Field Museum, one of many destinations that I want to reach before leaving Chicago next week. I didn't have enough time to see everything, but I toured the present exhibition, Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries, thoroughly and the permanent exhibition, Underground Adventures. I also enjoyed walking through other parts of the museum's permanent collection which showcased dioramas of animals and plant life from around the world.

We have tickets to the Cubs-Mariners game tomorrow.

With regards to my health, I feel pretty good except for my taste which hasn't recovered yet from my most recent cycle. I have irritable mouth sores, which can make eating painful. I called Sinda at Sloan this morning, but she hadn't received the analysis of the donors' blood samples yet. She told me to call back on Friday.


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