Sunday, June 24, 2007

thoughts about my sperm in the bank

Yesterday during conversation with my mother, she brought up the issue of my sperm bank storage. She wondered about my thoughts on it. She expressed her concern about the health of the sperm. For starters, although a hereditary cause for Hodgkin's Disease has been proposed but not proven, it is something to consider. My father had Hodgkin's and I have it. Moreover, the samples I deposited were made about one year after I was treated the first time for Hodgkin's and it's possible the sperm may have been damaged from any genetic changes produced by the chemotherapy. Is it worth preserving these sperm and then, using them when these significant questions remain unanswered? I was surprised by mother's mention of the sperm bank but not put off by it, because I myself have thought about it during the past several months. In addition to the concerns expressed by mother above, my eldest sister, Dawn, was born with a number of birth defects that make her totally dependent on others. Was there a hereditary cause here? Perhaps. If so, is it worth taking the risk when other unanswered questions about the health of the sperm remain? Personally, I don't think it's worth jeopardizing the quality of life of a potential son or daughter with the baggage of my DNA. Consequently, like my mother I've begun to prefer adoption over artificial or natural insemination.


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