Wednesday, June 27, 2007

stuck in the subway

My report from the dentist at Sloan this afternoon was that my teeth and mouth look just fine. There are no abscesses in my mouth. So with regards to my oral health, I'm ready for transplantation.

Following the dental appointment, Clare and I had lunch and then, I took the subway home back to the Bronx where during the ride somewhere between 125th St. and 138th St, the #4 train which I was riding stopped and remained motionless for about 40 minutes due to a power failure. I found out afterwards that the South Bronx (including my neighborhood), Harlem, and the Upper East Side of Manhattan were affected by a black out that lasted between about 45 minutes and one hour.

East Side Loses Power in Second Day of Temps in the 90s

Lighting Possible Cause of NYC Power Outage

Power Back on in NYC after Outages

The #4 train which I rode continued to receive power underground, however, from the third rail power supply which is independent (I was told by my father, who works for the MTA) of the city's electrical grid. Consequently, the train cars remained lite and air conditioned. The 4, 5, and 6 trains were forced to stop for safety concerns because the traffic signals had been disrupted due to the power failure. Except for some murmuring, joking, and signs of frustration from some passengers, everyone in my car remained patient and calm. Had the air conditioning ceased, I think it would have been a different story, however. Nonetheless, the experience wasn't that bad at all really. For a significant part of the power shortage, I just remained seated reading articles in Sky & Telescope magazine until the service resumed.

When the #4 train reached 161st St.-Yankee Stadium, the conductor announced that this was the last stop and therefore, all passengers had to exit the train. Northbound and southbound service was suspended. Thankfully, however, 161st St. was my stop so I was almost home.


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