Friday, June 22, 2007

sky & telescope magazine

As you might expect, I have a lot of mail and boxes to go through and organize but I've been very slow at doing so so far. I did at least read through the June and July 2007 issues of Sky & Telescope magazine, which both had several fascinating articles. In the June issue, there are two very interesting articles on star formation and life: "Stellar Origins: From the Cold Depths of Space" and "From Here to Eternity: The Fate of the Sun and the Earth." The second article, "From Here to Eternity" I found particularly fascinating following my post on the Sun last month. It explains what scientists believe will happen to the Sun and the inner most planets, including Earth, as our star heats up ballooning into a Red Giant before finally becoming a White Dwarf. For Earth, the end result will be at least the scorching of the planet, consequently, making life impossible and perhaps its destruction by the expanding Sun. It's remarkable when you think about it really. In the July issue, "Solar Forecast: Storm Ahead" and "Waiting for the Big One" are also very interesting. I guess there is a theme amongst all these articles: the life of stars and their relationship to other celestial bodies, such as Earth.


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