Tuesday, June 19, 2007

preparing to leave chicago

Tomorrow afternoon Su and I leave from Midway Airport for home. We spent a significant portion of the past two days packing and taking care of loose ends, but we also got around the city too.

Our travels around the city are at an end. Yesterday we spent some time at the Chicago History Museum, where we learned more about the history of Chicago and some of the important events that have taken place here, such as the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 (which was located very close to where the university was established a few years later) and the 1934 World's Fair. Traveling around Chicago these past several days has galvanized me to read more about the city's history, which I plan to do when I'm home.

We've had a great time here during the past 10 days since graduation. We've seen quite a bit though there are still are a good number of things that we missed. I'm going to miss the Windy City. I guess that just means we'll need to return at some point in the future.

Here are some of the newest additions to graffiti wall:

A few days ago I watched Minority Report, which I thought was great, for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised by the seriousness of the film and what I thought was pretty good acting by Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast. Overall, I found it to be gripping. This afternoon I finished watching Steven Speilberg's Munich, which I failed to see when it appeared in theaters in 2005. Munich, like Minority Report, was gripping too. Amongst the themes of the film, I was very interested in the film's questions concerning one's Jewishness and how the main characters were affected as individuals and as Jews by the vengeful assassinations that they were ordered to carry out.

Yesterday I returned to the hospital where a CBC was taken. My platelets went up a bit to about 20,000 though still low. My WBC count, however, dropped to about 1.4 which I was told by Dr. Rosenbaum placed me on the border of neutropenia. Both she and Dr. van Besien believe the low WBC and platelet counts are cumulative effects of the treatments. I asked her about receiving Neulasta, but she said in this situation it was best for the WBC count to rise naturally. She did recommend I go for another set of labs on Friday in order to see where my counts will be. Therefore, I called Dr. Castro-Malaspina's office yesterday and am scheduled for a blood draw at Sloan-Kettering at noon on Friday. My appointment with Dr. Castro-Malaspina is set for Monday as well.

After the gym this morning, I went back to the hospital for a dressing change (of my Hickman catheter). I had promised the nursing staff in the clinic there that I'd say goodbye to them before leaving Chicago so I did that. The nursing staff there has been wonderful during these past months in particular Maggie, Elia, Dianne, and Lisa. I plan to send a thank you card to the staff once I get back home.


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