Friday, June 22, 2007

medical update

My visit to Sloan this afternoon lasted longer than I expected. My WBC count went down to 1.0 with the absolute neutrophil count at only .3, which has made me neutropenic. My RBC and platelet counts were low, but OK. Despite the drop in my WBC count, my oral irritations feel much better which is surprising. Not perfect but definitely improved. My nurse, Allison, was wary about the possibility of an infection, so I was given GCSF (Filgrastim) to help boost my WBC count. I had never received GCSF before but I was told by Allison that it's similar to Neulasta.

When I returned home from the hospital, I spoke to Sinda, who updated me on the unrelated donor search. Two other individuals were determined to be 8/10 matches, so in total there are three 8/10 donor matches. Two of these donors are mismatched on A and C while the third donor is mismatched on B and C. The analysis of the potential 6/6 match is still pending, but she anticipates this individual to be a 9/10 on the allele level. It is expected that this potential donor's results will be ready in about one week. Sinda informed me that a cord blood search has been initiated as well.


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