Tuesday, May 08, 2007

medical update

After classes yesterday, I went to the hospital for a CT scan of my sinus and chest in order to get some information hopefully as to why my cold has continued. It's been over a week now that I've had this cold. Following the CT scan, I went to the infusion clinic in the hospital, where I received one bag of IV hydration. This weekend I felt dehydrated, so they arranged for me to receive more fluids at the hospital yesterday and Thursday (when I'll come in for the restaging scan).

My knees and thighs ached throughout the weekend as result of the Neulasta I received on Friday. The achiness seems to have gone away, but yesterday for the first time the soles of my feet were painful. I felt the pain as I walked home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. I examined the soles of my feet upon returning home and the skin has darkened though not as significantly as the palms of my hands. There are also a few darkened spots on the soles. The sensitivity that I've felt on my hands as on my feet is most likely due to the Doxil, I was told.


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