Saturday, May 26, 2007

is that a tire around your waist?

For several days now, I've been bummed out by the realization that for about a month (I can't believe the quickness with which these past weeks have passed by) I haven't exercised at the gym. A combination of factors have interfered with my desire and at times my ability to do so. For starters, the side effects caused by the second cycle of treatment didn't place me in the best condition physically. Then, that nasty, protracted cold followed. That cold wiped me out for over well over a week. And then of course amidst all of this, I was absorbed in completing my thesis. I have been going to sleep much later than normal causing me to be tired and unprepared to hit the gym prior to class in the morning. Because I had submitted my thesis last week and did not have treatment this week, this would have been a good time to return to the gym but no, I had the two final papers due. This afternoon I'm tired as I recover from my last night's all-nighter, but I will try to go back to the gym tomorrow.

I have gained about five pounds during the month. My pants are noticeably tighter. The added pounds don't make me feel so good about my appearance. I don't want to be at graduation heavier than my normal weight. I don't want to heavier than normal now. I enjoy exercising. Indeed, it has it has become an important part of my daily life, which is why after a few days absent from the gym, I begin to miss the habitual role that it plays in my life.

Speaking of health and exercise, here's an interesting article I read recently: Keeping Weight Off in Youth Pays Off in Old Age


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