Friday, May 18, 2007


There was no treatment today. Instead Su and I met Drs. van Besien and Rosenbaum to discuss the results of my recent PET-CT scan. As Dr. Rosenbaum explained briefly last Friday, the report came back negative. There was no uptake or sign of metabolic activity in the chest or abdomen or neck. The CT showed the same amount of scar tissue in the mediastinum as the prior scan, but because the PET (which is more sensitive) didn't show any activity there the mediastinum is deemed clear. In addition, my WBC had risen to 10.2 which was a delightful surprise.

The result of all of this that I've been declared CR or in complete remission. He said he could continue to give me SNG-30/GVD (GND) but he reiterated that it's not a curative treatment. At some point, the cancer will come back. An allogeneic transplant is the only acknowledged option for a possible cure. Dr. van Besien said that now that I'm in remission I'm ready for transplantation but both he and Dr. Rosenbaum must speak to Drs. Moskowitz and Castro-Malaspina at Sloan in order to get their take on the situation.

I will call Sinda later today to see if there's any donor news. I don't think transplantation will take place earlier than the beginning of July, since I plan to remain in Chicago for about 10 more days after graduation on June 8th. However, if Sloan calls telling me that they've found a suitable unrelated adult donor and that transplantation could begin say on June 18th, I'd most likely leave earlier than expected. The transplantation date, therefore, will depend greatly on whether an unrelated adult donor or cord blood is used. Hopefully, the former. Since there's about a month between now and when I plan to leave Chicago, Dr. van Besien and I agreed that at least one more cycle should be given though this is subject to what Sloan says. They'll get back to me early next week concerning if I'll receive treatment on Thursday.

On Wednesday, my mom went to Sloan accompanied by Eileen and Clare in order to see that my financial/insurance standing was in order for the eventual transplantation. Everything is in fine working order, my mom told me.


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