Monday, May 28, 2007

bill richardson grilled on meet the press

Yesterday afternoon I watched Democratic presidential hopeful, Bill Richardson, on "Meet the Press." Richardson was grilled extensively by the host, Tim Russert, to the point that I started to feel sorry for him. He seems like a likable guy, but to be fair Richardson seemed poorly prepared at times. The number of stories raised by Russert, which required Richardson's clarification were almost comical. Richardson is no slick willy. Rather than wiggle his way out of the most challenging, controversial questions, Richardson came forward and admitted his wrong doings. Something about Richardson's honesty was comforting, but overall, his inconsistency did not make him look like a varnished candidate, which interestingly enough Richardson himself acknowledged.

The netcast version of MTP has an extended take that was not shown on TV. In it, Richardson is asked by Russert about his diplomatic career and the skills/tactics used in negotiations. I found this part very enthralling, enlightening. You don't find individuals with much more diplomatic experience than Bill Richardson, so I felt like I was learning some of the wizard's most precious spells. Perhaps I was also drawn to this part of the interview, because in writing my M.A. thesis I became more familiar with the protocols of medieval diplomacy, in particular that between Christians and Muslims in the Levant.

Watch the entire interview here.


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