Saturday, May 05, 2007

2nd cycle completed

My counts were good enough for treatment on Friday. So, I received the last treatment of the second cycle of SGN-30/GVD. On Thursday, May 10th I am scheduled for a PET-CT scan.

I haven't had any headaches, thankfully. My sense of taste has been upset again, however, which hasn't put me in the best of moods. It contributes to a general sense of malaise. Since late yesterday I've noticed that the skins around the joints of my hands ache, which is some thing new. Constipation had improved significantly during the two weeks that I had off. I think the Peri-Colace helped a lot, but after Thursday's treatment it's likely that I'll start to have constipation issues once again.

My cold is about one week old now. I thought I had it beat a few days ago, when I had stopped sneezing but it has hung around and seems about just as strong as before (though without the sneezing). Naturally, my low WBC count is not helping the matter. Yesterday, I returned to the hospital for a Neulasta shot to help boost the WBC count.

I didn't study after treatment on Thursday and although I went to Arabic class on Friday and afterwards, spoke to my adviser about my thesis, I didn't do any further work that day. I didn't feel particularly well to study, so I watched more episodes of The Office and slept a while. With so much to do this weekend, these side effects from the chemo isn't particularly helpful.


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