Sunday, April 22, 2007

why not me too

In the face of the tragedy at Virginia Tech this week, I wondered about my own chances of beating cancer and reflected somewhat on death more generally. There existed talented staff and bright, promising students with all the world before them and on a Monday that probably seemed like any other, they were killed in a bloody rampage. Why should I be spared from this disease and death, ultimately, when they weren't spared from the rage of a killer? Why? Where is the justice?

I'm tired of listening to news of death. Every day there are killings and more killings and more killings. Every day the news from Iraq seems bleaker than the day before. And then, there's the awful news about what happened at Virginia Tech. These are just the most recent events, but of course there are hundreds more everyday around the world that don't receive attention of the press.

Why should I survive and live when so many have not? Why do some live and others do not?


Comment Blogger Sarah said...

I think that was a question we were all asking on monday. I know I kept on thinking "Why VT and not Chicago? Why did this guy go nuts and why not the two who suicided on my undergrad campus? Why did they harm only themselves and spare the rest of us?" And of course there's no answer.

Hang in there, and don't forget me out here on the coast.

6:16 PM  

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