Sunday, April 08, 2007

vanco and thesis

I've been feeling much better recently. There haven't been any aching headaches or fevers. I do, however, still find myself tired at times.

Since Thursday, I've been receiving the antibiotic, vancomycin, twice a day at home. The infusion, which is very simple, I do myself. The vancomycin is infused via a "gravity ball" into my Hickman catheter. At the moment, I'm supposed to continue this antibiotic treatment for three more days. I'm scheduled to see the doctors on Monday morning before class. They'll take another set of blood cultures in order examine the progress of the medicine and examine the catheter site. The hope is that the vancomycin will take care of the bacteria, so that I can begin the second cycle of the salvage treatment on Thursday as planned originally.

My school work is coming along well, although I must admit that I was a bit shaken around mid-week when I felt increasingly pressed between the treatment (and the added concerns raised by the bacterial infection) and my studies, in particular my thesis. I felt like there has been just too much going on with too little time. Thesis deadlines are approaching quickly and I'm behind, but I don't think that it's all lost yet. There's still time for a Patton-like counter offensive. If the situation becomes unbearable and it looks like I will not be able to complete my thesis in time for graduation, there is a possibility that I could take an extension but honestly, I really don't want to take an extension. I want to finish on time, receive my degree, and conclude this part of my studies for good. I'm tired of the stopping and going, stopping and going. I take the thought of not completing my thesis in time for graduation as an embarrassing self-defeat in many ways.

The second draft is due in two weeks. So, there's some time in which I can muster a draft together. We'll see. Stay tuned.


Comment Anonymous Sarah said...

Patton is my favorite General of all time. He was a fantastic military strategist and he believed in reincarnation.

How does it get cooler than that? I just don't know. :P

~Sarah from up the street

p.s. we're all in the same thesis writing boat, trust me. We're all seriously freaking out.

10:44 PM  
Comment Anonymous Tiffany said...

Your friend Sarah's comment above made me laugh; graduate students all around the world this time of year are pulling their hair and wringing their hands, wondering, "why, why didn't I do this last month? why, why is there always more work than there are hours to do it all in???" =)

I'm so relieved to hear you are feeling less fatigued. Push on with the thesis work! You're almost there! When is your graduation scheduled for? Assuming I pass my exams as well in May and June, my graduation will be in mid-July.....

Love from London,

6:32 PM  

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