Sunday, April 29, 2007

thesis draft submitted

On Friday after Arabic class, I turned in my first thesis draft to my thesis adviser. The second draft was due a week ago, but what I submitted was my first. So, yes I'm behind the eight ball. The finalized copy is due Friday, May 18th which is three weeks from now. Despite the belatedness of my draft, I think I've done a pretty good job composing it during the past 2-3 weeks. In all frankness, however, during these past few week I've had the underlying fear that I won't graduate as planned if I don't submit my thesis by the deadline. Moreover, I sent out invitations for the graduation this week and would feel embarrassed and feel like a failure if I participated in the ceremony without having completed fully all the requirements. As if a deadline wasn't enough. Thinking about graduation just makes the process even more stressful.

The thesis is supposed to be 35-50 pages. As of now, I have about 30 pages of text and with the bibliography included, there are 37 pages total.

After reviewing my draft a bit this weekend, I realized that the original scope of my thesis was too large. Rather than focus on Baybars' relations with Byzantium, the Golden Horde, and the Ilkhanate, I'll focus simply on Byzantium.

I plan to see my adviser tomorrow hoping that he has had the opportunity to review it and is able to offer any suggestions or criticisms. I have plenty of questions to ask myself.

About a week ago, my parents sent me this cute, encouraging greeting card. I had to share it.

And then, after submitting my draft Su gave this wonderful card of support.


Comment Anonymous Sarah said...

Congrats Duane! I'm sure you can finish it in time! It's the first draft that's the hardest...

6:55 AM  

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