Sunday, April 01, 2007

a night at the hospital

I spent about 7 hours in the hospital last night. We didn't get back until about 3:30 this morning.

Ever since my last treatment on Thursday, I've been suffering from awful, pounding headaches. Yesterday evening at about 6, I took a few Tylenols after having just awoken with the same omnipresent headache. At about 7:30, I felt a little warm and therefore, decided it would be good for my temperature to be taken which Su did. It read 100.8. It's possible my temperature was higher actually, because the Tylenol may have masked its true reading. After paging Dr. van Besien and describing to him the situation, we headed to the ER where they received me immediately. That was amazing. I imagined I'd be waiting for 1-2 hours before we received any help. Vitals were taken, IV fluid was administered, and cultures were made.

My urine sample was fine. My WBC was 10.2, which the doctor was okay. I wasn't neutropenic. My platelets were low at about 71, but not worrying. My fever had lifted. I think the IV hydration helped with regard to this. I also went for a chest X-ray, which was normal. The results from the culture of my catheter won't return for a few days, but the doctor seemed doubtful that the fever was caused by an infection of the catheter. I haven't spotted any of the warning signs of infection. Most likely the fever coupled with the headaches is due to the treatment. I was given a prescription for Norco to alleviate the headaches.

The headache returned today though less intense.

My palms have darkened. The complexion of my face has darkened a bit too, I think. My tongue is discolored with spots of blue, purple, and pink. My urine continues to smell like chemo. And I have felt more fatigued recently but I felt better today.


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