Sunday, April 01, 2007

jerry springer update

The Jerry Springer Show taping that Derek and I went to back on December 11th was aired on Tuesday, March 27th. Damn it! I missed it. I think he missed it too. I am very curious to find out how we appeared on TV and considering that we sat in the front row (very close to Jerry himself many times), I'd be surprised if the camera didn't get us a couple of times throughout the show.


Comment Anonymous Sarah from up the street said...

You went to a Jerry Springer taping? Wow. I'll have to ask you about it sometime.

I always imagine utter chaos in the studio. I wonder if my imaginings are how things actually go down.

6:57 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Umm, yeah. Yes, it was utter chaos indeed but equally hilarious. It was fun experience.

11:49 PM  

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