Tuesday, April 24, 2007

busy week ahead

I registered for another class lecture at the Adler. This time it's about Pluto and the nature of the other celestial bodies that exist at the edge of our Solar System in the Kuiper Belt. The lecture is tomorrow night and it cost $25.00, but I have so much to do this week with regard to school that now I'm doubting whether I should go or not.

Midterms are next week. The midterm for the Byzantine Military History course is on Monday. I'm quite behind with the readings for this course, so I must set aside a good chunk of time in order to catch up for Monday's exam. I continue to work on my thesis. I'm making significant progress though slowly. My aim is to hand in a draft to my advisers some time this week.


Comment Anonymous Sarah said...


GO to the lecture. Seriously. We're all killing ourselves anyway, you might as well have some fun to reflect on as you sit languidly inside working on school stuff for tens of hours at a time. I know you will enjoy it and it will be worth it. You deserve it.

Go for the good of all CMESers who are writing their theses if not for yourself. ;) Tonight I am going to go find some decent Mexican food and I will raise my Corona in a toast to all those CMESers not present for the feast. Hell, I might have 2 Coronas.

~Sarah up the street

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