Thursday, March 22, 2007

start of treatment postponed

The Hickman catheter was inserted below my right collarbone this afternoon in about the same area as my previous one. My appointment was for 11:00 am, but I didn't enter the room where the procedure took place until about 1:30. Their explanation for why we waited so long is because all the operating rooms were in use. We left at about 3:40 for the inpatient infusion clinic for treatment, but the clinic closes at around 6 which was bad news for me since my infusion is so long. The SGN-30 itself takes 2 hours to infuse. Together, all the agents make the infusion visit about a 4 hour experience. Consequently, the start of my treatment was postponed until tomorrow morning.

This was disappointing. I'm glad, however, that treatment can commence tomorrow.


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