Thursday, March 29, 2007

second-half of first cycle

I return to the hospital tomorrow morning for the second-half of my first cycle.

My taste isn't normal. It's a bit out of whack from the first dose of chemotherapy. Honestly, I'm surprised that my taste has started to change only after one treatment. I guess since all the doctors told us that GVD (GND) was mild and so well-tolerated, I was bedazzled by all the rosy news forgetting that yes, this is indeed still that toxic concoction called chemotherapy. My changing taste is a bit annoying, but that goes with the territory. I can expect my sense of taste to worsen with each treatment. My bowels have stiffened too. Ugghh! I remember this so well from the last time. I'm drinking regularly and decided to try Senna (akin to Senakot) for the first time tonight.

The catheter still feels weird. It's long, much longer than the one I had previously. It's cumbersome location is bothersome at times, but I'm dealing with it. I'm getting used to it. As long as I don't get an infection, I'll be OK. I haven't been at the gym since the catheter was inserted last week. Once it heals and granted I feel up to it, I'll return.

The visiting nurse from Ultra Care came by yesterday morning for the first time. She tied the catheter shortening it a bit, thus, making it more manageable. The nurse reviewed the flushing procedures with us. I'm supposed to flush the catheter every other day and its dressing should be changed once a week. The nurse or the medical staff at the hospital will take of the dressing.


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