Sunday, March 18, 2007

searching for a tweaker

I continue to search for someone who can fix my blog. This problem remains irritating. During the past 2-3 weeks, I have been corresponding with a web designer in California about my blog and he just told me that he doesn't think the problem is fixable without maybe getting a new blog template. At the moment, I'm not very interested in finding a new template. So, I continue to look for someone who may be able to help. In searching for help on the Web, I learned that tweaker is the term given to someone who gives a quick tweak to blog or website.


Comment Blogger Stratman said...

Hey Duane,

I'm your "Fairy God Tweaker" the reason your posts have dropped to the bottom of the page is because you have placed something in your sidebar or main content area that is larger than it's defined size. I looked at your source code and couldn't see exactly what it is but a simple fix is to go into your template and look for what is called a selector named #content. the second line below this is it's width, which is now set to 700px. Simply change this to 750px and your problem will be solved. I would also limit the number of posts that you display so your page will load faster for persons with slower connections.

I'm the author of Dancing with N.E.D. and want to thank you for the link. For more tips and tricks for Blogspot, checkout another blog of mine:

Good luck with your fight and let me know if your run into any problems fixing your blog :-)

9:35 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

To my Fair God Tweaker :)

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my site and more importantly, leaving a comment. I checked out your other blogger site and was most impressed. I don't remember how I found your blog (most likely via someone else's) but I'm more than happy to add your blog and others to my site. We need to strengthen the cancer blog community.

I really appreciate the recommendation for fixing my blog. I reduced the number of posts displayed as you recommended so that my page will upload faster for slower connections.

I, however, changed (temporarily under preview) the elector named #content to 750px, which according to IE 7 did bring the posts up to the top of the page, but the other annoying problem that I have with IE 5-7 is that on the sidebar the sub categories indent and shorten incremently as you scroll further down the page. I don't know why this happens. I wish all the sub categories would line up vertically as is the case with Firefox. Basically, my problem is that I'd like my blog when viewed with IE 5 - 7 to look like it does with Firefox, which is perfect.

In looking for a solution, I found this at the Blogger Forum:
But it's confusing and I don't know if this is the right solution to my particular problem.

Any ideas? If you could help me solve this that'd be awesome.

Stay well and looking forward to your response.

2:13 AM  
Comment Blogger Stratman said...

Hey again,

I didn't notice the progressive indentation of your lists the first time I look at your blog. This is prolly the reason your posts are dropping to the bottom of the sidebar. Looking at your source code it appears the problem results from the lack of closing ul tag (unordered list) after the first five lists in your sidebar. In html every opening tag has to have a corresponding closing tag. FireFox is more forgiving than IE. To correct the problem insert </ul> after the last link in each of your lists. As it stands now you only have the closing tag after, Cancer News Resources,Previous Posts and Archives.

Hope this makes sense, good luck!

11:45 AM  

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