Saturday, March 17, 2007

rodney and cliff

I have corresponded during the past several days with Rodney, a fellow prizefighter who himself received a second transplant after a second relapse from Hodgkin's Disease. I mentioned how I found his story back in December. I also made a link to his blog: Rodney Warner. He's been very helpful lending some meaningful perspectives about the allogeneic experience.

Cliff, whose blog I had added months ago, also received a second transplant for Hodgkin's but I didn't realize this until tonight. Many times I'll make a link to a blog only after having reviewed it superficially because of a lack of time. Tonight I was googling for patients' experiences with the cocktail of fludarabine, cytoxan, TBI and found a brief summary of his treatment history at WebMagic Forums, where I learned that he had the exact cocktail used at Sloan. He, however, was treated at John Hopkins. I will e-mail him soon to see if he can offer any advice to me.


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