Tuesday, March 13, 2007

prepping for treatment

I informed Kathy, the Research Nurse Associate for Dr. van Besien, on Friday that I was ready to initiate the steps needed to begin treatment. I told her that I had seen Dr. Schuster recently and he encouraged me to participate in the GVD-SGN-30 study at the University of Chicago Hospitals. The consensus among the various specialists with whom we have consulted is that at best the antibody treatment may give me an added boost and at worst, it will not hurt me. The key ingredient of the treatment is the GVD (GND) chemotherapy regimen not the SGN-30 antibody. The main assault against the Hodgkin's will come from the GVD.

Today Kathy and I conversed again. On Thursday afternoon, I'll go for blood work, the bone marrow biopsy, and finally a CT scan. At this appointment, I must bring the consent form stating my desire to participate in the SGN-30 study. On the 19th, I'll take the MUGA, PET scan and pulmonary function test. And finally, on the 22nd is the scheduled first day of chemo. However, before treatment can begin I will need to have a triple lumen Hickman catheter inserted. After the catheter is inserted, I will start treatment that same day.


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