Tuesday, March 13, 2007

on devon avenue

This past Saturday Su and I spent what was an usually warm afternoon in the Loop and afterwards, north on Devon Avenue.

She revealed another one of her birthday gifts to me. We enjoyed an hour-long pedicure at a Spa Space located in the West Loop. The pedicure was held in the so-called Pedicure Suite. The experience was wonderful. I had received pedicures in the past, but only at inexpensive local neighborhood shops. This was very different. I was impressed by the easy-going ambiance and the array of perfumed scents that filled the spa's various rooms. This definitely was not like my pedicure experiences in the Bronx. This was a brief taste of pampering - royal style.

Afterwards, we headed to Devon Avenue north of the city, where we ate dinner at a popular Indian restaurant. It was our first time on Devon Avenue, which is home to a motley mix of different ethnic communities. Indian and Pakistani restaurants, for example, seem to be numerous.

Chicago is a great city. Too bad I don't leave Hyde Park more often to explore more of its great attractions, but I'm trying though slowly.


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