Wednesday, March 14, 2007

enough is enough. . . .

Late last night, Su and I watched Snakes On a Plane, last year's much hyped thriller starring the always ebullient Samuel L. Jackson. Overall, this film isn't great. But its charm is in its absurdity. It's a hilarious spoof of some of cheesy thrillers from the 80s. There are a couple of really frightening and disturbing scenes that stand out in this funny but nightmarish film, but on the whole it's just an entertaining popcorn flick.

I was interested in seeing this film more for Samuel L. Jackson than the film itself. I enjoy the loud, brazen characters that he portrays often. During most of the film, his character is atypical of them - mild-mannered and in self-control. However, without a doubt his best line in the entire film, which went down as arguably one of the best-remembered movie lines in 2006 is this.

I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw this scene. I had to rewind the scene and play it again and again.


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