Saturday, February 10, 2007

workin' hard

In between the irksome medical related phone calls and errands this week, I've been working hard devoting a lot of time to researching a final paper due at the end of the quarter. But since the first draft of my thesis is also due around the same time as the final paper, I've been researching the topic of that paper diligently in the hope that I can pump this paper out by the end of the coming week, so that the remainder of the quarter can be devoted almost solely to that draft. Because the final paper is the only assignment for this course, once I finish it I'll be free to concentrate on my draft thesis and of course, Arabic, which I continue to give the least attention amongst my courses.

The course for which the final paper is due is on the history of the Fatimid Caliphate, the first Shiite-led empire in what was and remains a mostly Sunni Muslim world. In my paper, I plan to explore the Fatimids' important economic relationship with the Byzantine Empire.


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