Monday, February 05, 2007

terribly vexed

I spent about 3 hours on the telephone with Symantec this afternoon trying to solve a problem. My subscription to Norton Internet Security 2006 expired recently, so about 5 days ago I purchased the 2007 version from a Symantec agent via the telephone whereby I was allowed to download the latest version from its website. Yet, the file turned out to be corrupted. During the past 5 days I've called Symantec almost daily trying to get this issue resolved but the wait times have been absolutely ridiculous, so I hung up each time. Wanting to get this problem solved immediately, I tried again this afternoon after class. In the end, I spent an unbelievable 3 hours on the phone with Symantec. Their customer service is really shitty. The wait time to speak to an agent is absurdly long. I called. The agent said the problem was solved, but it wasn't really so I called back and it just went back and forth like this for about 3 hours today. Ultimately, I still was unable to download the latest version of Norton Internet Security. Symantec refunded my money and recommended I purchase the CD package from a store.

This wasn't my only period of acute frustration today. Earlier today I was communicating with my mom about our effort to retrieve my pathology slide and my most recent imaging scans from Sloan-Kettering for my appointment with Dr. van Besien next week. All the items which I had requested seem be fine and ready for pick-up this week except for the PET-CT scan of 12/19/06, which was performed at Weill Cornell and brought to Sloan-Kettering for my recent appointment with Dr. Moskowitz.

A few days ago, my parents received an unexpected package in which there was a PET-CT CD from Sloan-Kettering. The package was addressed to me with all the right mailing information, but inside the package the information was quite different. The name of the patient was different as well as the individual's date of birth, residence, and physician. After some investigating, it seems that Sloan erroneously sent me someone's PET-CT CD even though I never had asked for my CD to be mailed to my home address. I asked Sloan-Kettering to not return my PET-CT image to Weill Cornell, because I needed it for an upcoming appointment. Concerned about the shortness of time between now and my appointment with Dr. van Besien, I informed Sloan that I'd prefer to have someone pick it up for me. That, I thought, would be faster . . . better. But it doesn't look it turned out that way. We're at a lost as to why Sloan-Kettering decided to mail me my PET-CT CD and moreover, it's the wrong one.

At the moment, we don't know where's my CD. The CD is a copy, I think, so if I'm right then that means Weill Cornell has the original from which I can just request another copy. However of course, that still wouldn't solve our riddle. Where is my CD?

The administrative aspect of medical care can soooooooooo irritating. The insurance companies and hospitals can be such loggerheads. To quote Commodus in Gladiator: "I'm vexed. . . terribly vexed."

Amid all this fun today, I was able to receive an appointment with Dr. Stiff of Loyola for February 27th at 4:30pm.


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