Wednesday, February 07, 2007

returned to the gym

Yesterday afternoon I returned to the gym. It was my first time there since leaving for home during the winter break in December. For the nearly three weeks before my surgery on January 5th, I didn't work out and of course, I wasn't able to exercise immediately after the operation. However, at this point I feel strong enough that I'm ready to return to exercising. It will be some time before I can work out with the vigor that I was so used to before the splenectomy, but that is just fine. The important thing is that I start to be active again, which is just so good for my overall health and mood. I'ved also missed. Going to the gym and exercising regularly is something that I've incorporated into my daily lifestyle and as a result, like various other daily activities it has become habitual.

Yesterday I rode the stationary bicycle for 40 minutes at a moderate pace. I did the same thing again today. I plan to stick to the stationary bicycle for now. I'm not ready for the elliptical yet. While riding the bicycle I had no problems, but I have noticed a strange feeling in my left abdomen that occurs while performing certain cool-down stretches. I've taken notice of those particular movements. I know that my body is still healing, thus, the discomfort that I felt but I feel well enough overall that a moderate 40 minutes on the bicycle can bring only goodness to my body. The discomfort is a reminder that I'm no superman. Take it easy. I must be gentle with my body and work within my limits.


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