Friday, February 02, 2007

a message worth heeding

I feel that if there's a consensus among most climatologists that humans are 'very likely' the chief cause of global warming, I think it's worth listening to their message. They're the experts. They're the ones whom we pay and listen to on such scientific matters. There still may be some issues related to global warming which they haven't solved fully yet, but that doesn't make their warning any less relevant.

Until we colonize Mars or some far away celestial body, this Pale Blue Dot remains the only home we'll ever have. At the present moment, there aren't any substitutes for Earth.

Humans Blamed for Climate Change

Climate Panel Issues Urgent Warning

U.N. Panel Says Humans 'Very Likely' Causing Global Warming

By the way, I remember reading some where that about 90% of all creatures that ever lived on this planet are no longer around. 90%! Amazing. That gives you some idea of the scope of time and the diversity of creatures, who have called Earth home.


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