Wednesday, February 07, 2007

searching for myself?

About two days ago my mom relayed a message to me from the NMDP, which left a message on our home answering machine saying that I was a potential donor match for someone. The NMDP representative was eager to know if I was still interested in donating. The message came as a surprise to me. I didn't recall ever filling out any NMDP forms stating my desire to donate marrow or stem cells. Perhaps Weill Cornell had placed my name on the registry, I thought. But that, of course, didn't make any sense because my blood was undesirable for donation due to my illness anyway. Why would the hospital place my name on the registry when it knew I had received treatments for Hodgkin's Disease? And how ironic was it, I pondered, that I was a potential match for someone just as I myself for seeking a donor.

I returned the representative's call this afternoon and learned that my name was placed on the NMDP registry back in 2001. This was 2 years before I was first diagnosed. She told me that I was registered back in October 2001 at Vassar. Now it started to make sense. While in college (and even beforehand in high school), I participated in a number of blood drives. Perhaps 2-3 times each year, the New York Blood Center had a drive on campus and it was at one of these drives in October 2001 that I must have given the NYBC the authority to place me on the registry.

Su put it all together for me for I didn't catch the significance of this strange occurrence at first. She pointed out to me that it's very possible that in fact I've found myself. What an odd occurrence! Weill Cornell and the NMDP are searching the registry for a donor for me and it is quite possible that one of the possible matches which has been found is indeed me - my information, which I submitted when I registered in 2001. I have found myself. Of course, I can't be 100% sure that this is what happened, but it's definitely quite possible since my information is on the registry.


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